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Its an interesting question that innovations are really welcome and do we accept them around us? Yes, if its FREE and innovator will not earn from it. No, if anybody can earn from it but you are going to offer it for FREE or on cheap rates. I will not give examples here but will write generally. Innovations bring ease to our lives and sometimes proven as lifesaving. How bad is this, an innovator come up with some unique idea and good intentions to serve the humanity but later some greedy group tightens the deliverables to earn more from even from small chunks of that product. Idea is a gift from nature and it comes to the mind of those who think and care for others. And the group of greedy people always aware and scared from such ideas and the possible success rate so they simply interrupt in a unique way too. We are living in such an era where innovations are still in progress but smart people don’t announce and make it public. Innovations are still welcome internationally but unfortunately investors think about profit first.


Early rise for an I.T. Professional!


Early rise for an I.T. Professional!

Me should use the word Freelancer instead of an I.T. professional because the developers and programmers who are doing jobs, are already programmed by their alarm clocks. And they are really well programmed, even their alarm settings never changed although they changed their companies. When they switch from one company to another so still the other company don’t ask them to take OFF on Friday instead of Saturday 🙂 Sometimes, they become the reason of Saturday OFF in a new company where Saturday was ON. So this post is not about the programmed people. Its about free birds that what exactly they feel when they wake up early by chance.
Ah, unfortunately, they seldom wake up early and when they wake up so they immediately check their Facebook etc. Facebook is such a nice platform where you don’t get any threatening things. You get just likes and share or maximum a few comments, taunting or appreciating but nothing more. Skype is like a BOSS in fact, you can not avoid from Skype in fact. You have your clients there and they can ping you anytime. If you are working with a friend or co-developer then you might will see a few missed calls. The reason is only ONE, you didn’t checked your inbox and replied to the emails while you were sleeping. OMG! Inbox is having 10 to 12 emails this morning… now start checking one by one and see the most difficult question at the end to solve in this mathematics examination. Ah, clients are shouting, WordPress new version is coming and my plugins are not yet updated. A few pings from Fiverr and time-log stuff from Upwork. A lot of sucking things stuff, once you clear all this OR you just didn’t get this all today. Then you might will think about starting work early today, but why? Do you really want to work hard? Not exactly! Because you have worked hard all the nights in last week 🙂 A lot of things are there which will ask you to get more sleep. If you are having the same feeling then realize that its END of your SOLO journey. Now you need a partner or partners. If you are shaking your mind that, your attitude i demanding a BOSS again so its wrong. You don’t need any BOSS but a partner who just keep recalling you the stuff remaining undone. You have achieved a lot of things for yourself already, now let the world join you in this success. A lot of people need your help, you have enough projects and running ideas to live a luxury life but you are required to change life of so many. That’s a lot of big companies just get started. You are not being pushed towards starting a company, but to help others. Lets check your Facebook and see which friend slept just an hour ago when you woke up? You will find 1 or two. Call them immediately and go for a good breakfast. People don’t sleep till morning and when they see the SUN so they feel that now SUN will handle remaining stuff and they get some rest, are the people who are responsible but need some partner. Give them a good feel and join them as a partner. Pick them from their home and start a venture. You will find such people more effective in that venture because they have passion to do something really big. Look at their determination, when people were sleeping so they were just thinking that what difference they can make!!!
You might will be thinking that i am talking seriously about this, not exactly. In fact, you have to pick those lazy friends to be aligned with you but from the same perspective that they can be really useful. Its another fact that their mind might will start after taking caffeine or will work in evening. But keep trying, one day, you will get them in form and they will be thankful to you. Pick those who don’t need to follow a routine but they should. Don’t choose them who need you or need this routine, because their need will force them to do this all and once need is fulfilled so they might will snooze you forever.
Ah, i got an upwork notification just now.


These notifications are just mind sucking. You never know that how such automatic emails are being your BOSS. We joined upwork and other freelancing platforms to say GOOD BYE to job. But you have no idea that you are going to join a number of BOSSES at the same time. Your productivity will be boosted by 10x and you will be checking all these profiles several times a day. Unfortunately, you can not be FREE anytime but you can have a backup of you. The same ambitious and concerning person can be found and chosen as your partner. So both of you can manage work together in different time zones. Its an amazing arrangement if get the secrete behind a successful business. Either control the people well or just find a GOOD partner. A good partner will not let your mind rusted, he will keep you SMART and STUNNING. And by controlling the people, you might will be correcting the people and then will hire a number of people correcting the hierarchy downwards. It will become a company like nestle, Unilever, Lever-brother or the bigger one 502 International but still you couldn’t utilize yourself at that level. So get up early and find that who slept recently and can be a good backup of you. Backup is a really good word in fact, backup doesn’t mean a working guy on your behalf. Backup is just like a life jacket and you are life jacket for him. Backup has really negative meaning in some corporations. Where backup means alternative and when they have some cheaper alternative so you can be fired anytime without any reason. I don’t want to mention here the names but there are a lot of companies which are exploiting the talent around the world. Anyways, its best to move on as a FREE bird but still you need a companion to share the things with.

WordCamp Lahore, Pakistan Application Approved for 2016


WordCamp Lahore, Pakistan Application Approved for 2016

We stay away from labeling WordCamps with the country name rather than the city, because we have found that doing so discourages local organizers from doing additional WordCamps in the country. We had some problems with this in the past, where because there was a “national” WordCamp, no other WordCamps ever happened in that country. When we changed the naming convention to be city-focused, that country developed stronger local communities and several WordCamps per year.

Its really a good sign that WordCamp is being started in 2016 and a lot more is expected after this. It will take time to clear the picture and there would be a lot of people who will be willing to take credit of this all. Undoubtedly, it is a great initiative by Muhammad Kashif to contact WordPress representatives and used the premises of Arfa Software Technology Park. It was not possible to get sponsors for WordPress meetups initially so Kashif felt better to use the space provided by Punjab Information Technology Board. I appreciate his resourcefulness and agility but what’s next? A few sponsors or a big identity will simply get all this reward when further meetups will require a proper space out of #ASTP. I am seeing the future of WordPress meetups in Pakistan like internet and mobile usage. We, as a trendy nation, have much potential to absorb such big changes. But there is something unclear in this all, that who exactly behind Kashif is? Because its not that easy to move on without quarrels and disputes in such ventures. People just got mad when something big is happening. Apart from, this is a big news for Lahore, Pakistan. Other technologies related meetups are just get started and hopefully Lahore, Pakistan will become the reason of Drupal Camp, Joomla Camp, PHP Seminars, Zend Days, Linux Evenings, and much more. I am writing this post just to save archives because when big things happen so most of the times important contributors just get neglected. At the same time i hope that its really health for Pakistan where many other events are just not being arranged so such technology related meetups and camps will start and life will be back in the nation. I love to see Freelancing Mentor as a WordCamp host like he did magic in last meetup.

Source: WordCamp Lahore, Pakistan Application Approved for 2016

WordPress Lovers Gathering in Lahore Pakistan, 400+ Attended Lahore Meetup


Over the weekend, the WordPress community in Lahore, Pakistan held its 10th monthly meetup. It is an amazing effort by TechHub Pioneers to attract youth towards WordPress meetup.


First ever WordPress Meetup was organized by Kamran Zahid of Timelenders a lead trainer, on 5th of April 2012 at Salt-n-Pepper Restaurant, Lahore Pakistan.

The Second meetup was organized by WordPress Mechanic on 27th May 2013 on as “wp10 Party at McDonald’s, Main Boulevard, Gulberg, Lahore, Pakistan“. It was having around 30 WordPress users and developers.

Third meetup was organized by “Skooter Technologies” on 1st December 2013 at Liberty Lahore, Pakistan. It was almost having the same number of people.

Fourth meetup again held by “Skooter Technologies” on 1st January 2014 at same place and got a good response from industry.

Fifth meetup held in 5th march 2014 which was organized by “Google Developers Group” at LUMS University in which three famous speakers, Mr. Kamran Shafi (Freelancing Mentor), Mr. Kamran Zahid (Entertrainer) & Mr. Haris Zulfiqar (Founder of Avada Theme) talked about WordPress security, speed optimization and its usage.

Logo_GreyBGSixth WordPress meetup held as WordPress week in UET Lahore organized by WordPress Pakistan Team from 28th, 2014 to May 3rd, 2014. It was a great effort by Ahmad Awais.

Seventh WordPress meetup held in NEST College organized by NEST College Management (NEST College aka Saif Center of Innovation) on 1st October 2014, it was the first time when students and freelancers attended a WordPress meetup together. Mr. Kamran Shafi was invited as a speaker.


Eighth WordPress meetup held on 14th October 2015 in which WordPress Mechanic announced Pakistan’s first WordPress Theme Development FrameworkGuavaPattern“, TechHub was selected as venue.

Ninth WordPress meetup held on 19th November 2015 major crowd was of university students.

12391859_1036016079773181_4911880107734315075_nTenth WordPress meetup held in the same city in sequence on 19th December 2015. This event became mega event when organizers included Mr. Kamran Shafi (Freelancing Mentor) as a speaker in this event. Audience praised him a lot and for the first time a WordPress meetup got 1000+ RSVP and almost 400+ developers and I.T. professionals.
Attendee Fahad Mahmood (WordPress Mechanic), WordPress plugin and theme development framework author and shared his views:
“The auditorium was not sufficient for such a big crowd of young students, experts, freelancers, people were sitting on stairs, standing at auditorium doors and the organizers had to manage a projector outside so that people could attend the event outside too. I hope, next time WordPress meetup will be held somewhere else.

“I had a chance to interact with a few participants,” he said. “Majority of them were there to listen Mr. Kamran Shafi (Freelancing Mentor) and they seemed a little disappointed that his session was of short duration. Most of them are expected a separate event by Kamran Shafi next time. I was just surprised by the popularity of a Freelancing Mentor than WordPress Plugin Developers”.

Muhammad Kashif Arain, one of the 10th Anniversary WordPress meetup attendees, said that news of the event spread through an extensive network of Pakistani freelancers who are connected by social media. ProPakistani, a local IT news site, also published an article that helped new attendees learn about the event. “We closed registration two days before the event because we were not allowed to invite more people,” Kashif said. He and fellow organizers, with the help of 25+ volunteers, printed directions, arranged refreshments, and managed the crowd. As the meetup is being mature since 2013, they put the event together with the help of #PITB & #TECHHUBCONNECT. He hopes that the event will attract sponsors but wants to be careful to preserve their purpose and focus. We welcome anyone who wants to join us but we would like to maintain the independence and the freedom of WordPress,” he said.
Paving the Way for WordCamp Pakistan.

Organizers of the 19th December WordPress meetup expected even more attendees at the next event on January 16, 2015. They are working together with other active meetups in Karachi, Sialkot, and Hyderabad to organize WordCamp Pakistan as a mega event in September 2016. The WordPress Foundation is currently reviewing their application. English and Urdu are the primary languages used by the WordPress community in Pakistan, so the WordCamp would be accessible to many more attendees from around the world. “English is official language. So most of the sessions are in English but the smart speakers and presenters switch to Urdu to keep the audience synced with them.

WordPress and other open source technologies open up a world of new employment opportunities to freelancers in developing nations like Pakistan. This has helped fuel the growth of the Lahore meetup, which is now largely made up of freelancers and entrepreneurs.

“The local economy is struggling, which is pushing young individuals to start their own businesses or improve their skills,” Kashif said.

“WordPress offers great employment opportunities as one can work from home and does not need a visa or immigration,” he said. “The ease and familiarity with English helps Pakistani freelancers work easily with clients from all over the world.”

A large number of Pakistani developers work in renowned WordPress-based services and products as technical support, routine maintenance, a larger number are students who have formed small groups and are serving the industry.

“Pakistan has a large number of WordPress developers,” Fahad said. “We feel it’s the right time we put it on the globe and tell the world about the unleashed potential we are having here.”


WordPress Plugin – jQuery Post Splitter


Download Plugin

WordPress Plugin – jQuery Post Splitter

jQuery Post Splitter is compatible with almost all famous themes and it can be implemented in 3 different ways from which you might will require one. For user friendliness, this plugin come up with a button “Split Page” and easy usage within the text editor. It is light weight and comparatively optimized.

Possible Implementations:

  1. You can create an easy to manage article with it
  2. News websites can use it amazingly to engage their audience more
  3. Albums and slideshows can be created with it
  4. Testimonials can be managed with it easily
  5. FAQ’s in case of longer text or if available with some visual aids
  6. Video tutorials gallery can be easily created with it

Download Plugin

WordPress Mechanic Around The World


WordPress Mechanic Around The World

WordPress Mechanic is really interesting service related title and keyword tagline. Its a long story that how and when i realized that me should choose this title for my profiles but yes i chose this title with a feel of responsibility. It was not about getting attention and outsourcing the projects. It was about problem solving and ultimate post order delivery support. I was never interested to get .com or .net even when these were available. WordPress.Org is still available but i am not in fact interested in getting that web address. I think that by choosing such committed domain name, you are more than promised that you are the best service provider and problem solving is your top priority job than anything else. Even you will ask for payment later but will suggest the solution first, this is how a mechanic work. Whenever we get a domain name so we plan a lot of things on basis of that domain name. I think, domain name is nothing like phone numbers are now a days. People just Google you or save your numbers in phones. Domain name can be any thing but if you are not committed to your work so you will simply not achieve the target for which you purchased that domain name. Today i thought to gather all WordPress Mechanic existence around w3 and found 3 or 4 items which are randomly in use of other guys, rest of the IDs belong to me. WordPress Mechanic is not such a think which should be called as a company, its just a promise or an attitude towards problem solving. I would like to share a tip with you all that regardless of title you are using, if you are a problem solver then don’t ask for the payment till you are not sure that you can fix it or not? And if you feel that your client is in problem, like his website is down, hacked or need first aid, so fix that first instead of making some handsome deal. Why? Because, sometimes we think that we can fix and this time a client can pay $100 for the task of $10 so me should convince him for this life saving cost. But you never know that the problem you are going to fix might will open a few or many doors towards a world of problems and you have promised to fix that already. So you can’t escape, i agree that you could be really smart and might will escape but what repute will you earn? And what ranking will you get on your profile? So whenever you are going to choose such big promise as a slogan or tagline so try your best to prove it.

Here are a few URLs related to WordPress Mechanic:

  1. WordPress Blog
  2. Facebook Page
  3. Stackoverflow Profile
  4. LinkedIn Company
  5. LinkedIn User
  6. Up Work Agency
  7. Business Blue Bird
  8. Fiverr Rising Star
  9. .NET Domain
  10. On
  11. Twitter Profile
  12. WordPress Profile
  13. WordPress Plugin
  14. Github Profile
  15. Skype ID
  16. .COM Domain

WP Responsive Tabs Pro


WP Responsive Tabs Pro

WP Responsive Tabs Pro is an easy way to create tabs for unique posts/pages and feel freedom to use them anywhere in your content or files. This plugin provides a metabox on post/pages under content editor. It is handy to generate x number of tabs which can be used in editor or files with shortcode and do_shortcode respectively. Every shortcode has a unique group ID which will grab the tabs content of that particular post/page. Shortcode gets a parameter or orientation which allow you to use it as horizontal or vertical. Every tab can have its own unique CSS by inspecting its DOM element attribute ID or class, both are unique. It is responsive and works fine with devices.

Demo Link | Download Free | Go Premium | Screenshots

easy, responsive, tabs, accordion

Premium Features List:

  1. Tabs can be implemented with “shortcodes”
    Note: Every tabs set will have its own unique code and you can use it anywhere in theme template.
  2. Number of tabs can vary for each post/page.
  3. Number of tabs can be limited by the parameter “tabs” in shortcode
  4. Each post/page will have its own tabs set with title and with description textareas.
  5. Each tab set is JS/jQuery based; so it will allow you to add as many as tabs in a section.
  6. Tabs plugin is available as a metabox under the content area of post/page.
  7. Each tab set will generate its own unique shortcode and can be implemented manually in theme/template or in content editor above. That unique short code will grab the titles and text for that tabs section.
  8. Tabs CSS is manageable, if unique tabs CSS exists then it will be on priority else the default one will be applied to all tab sets.
  9. Plugin is responsive
  10. Ensured no crashes, no conflicts with any other plugin, jquery or js based script.
  11. Ensured no crashes, no conflicts with any other CSS files/classes as well.
  12. Plugin is developed on WordPress recommended guidelines; so it will be compatible with upcoming versions of WordPress.
  13. Compatibility check has been performed with single WordPress installation and multisite as well. Please see the screenshots gallery.
  14. PHP helper function add_tab(‘title’, ‘description’) provide you push the tabs in a stack as FIFO manner. Just keep pushing the tabs including html and render the tabs calling do_tabs(); anywhere in your script.
  15. Available in shape of a plugin (installable), so can be used in other WordPress installations in future

WooCommerce Upload Files During Checkout


WooCommerce Upload Files During Checkout

AndroidBubbles PrudentBuyings
Allow buyers to attach reference work, requirement documents and other important helping material for seller to finish the product before delivery. Sometimes buyers want to suggest some wrapping material, color scheme, portrait to print on t-shirt etc. This plugin will help in this regard.

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WordPress Plugin WooCommerce Upload Files During Checkout

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Should i go for GO? Another programming language?


Recently we start hearing about GO language by Google. Another coding sensation. As a programmer or a fast learner, everybody think about it he should go for it. Honestly speaking that its in my to do list and i have tried a little in last months but couldn’t find it as easy as

because everything requires time and serious attitude towards it. We can start many things at a time but can’t manage and finish them as they should be. Its been 2 years or more that i have purchased a website to showcase my services and products. But it is merely representing as it was expected. I turned it into a blog and posted few topics on which i could say from technical or critic perspective. In very next year i got another domain and tried the same thing but couldn’t. Last night i realized that its really hard to work for myself. I have coded a lot for others and solved many problems but when its my turn to be a client for myself so i am unable to do as expected. In am in process of realizing that either i was running after something else and misperceived it? I am expecting good but still feeling that my other domain will become another blog of me? No, not at all because “coders are addicted to code not to blog” 🙂
Its purely my own quote. So about GO i feel that as an experienced programmer its although not difficult to learn another language but its not necessary at all. Languages are just a way to communicate with machines either efficiently or inefficiently, doesn’t matter that what method or language are you choosing? PHP is a fact and WordPress is another fact to be realized. So keep your thoughts going on with WordPress and as a programmer, let your brain enjoy conditions and loops with any programming language you know and you are good in it. Its good that you are a fast learner but changing your track everyday will not let you move speedily in one way. So i am not going for GO for now, may be some kind of bridging platform or utility will let all of the programmers to get combined for better solutions.

Have a nice day,

WordPress Plugin – Alphabetic Pagination


Alphabetic pagination was a missing feature in most of the blogs although our clients were asking it many times. Mostly we the developers use taxonomy and tags to fulfill this requirements but still there are a lot of users who want plug and play solution. So pagination in such easy way of filtering is now available in shape of alphabetic filtering. Alphabetic sorting was not a big challenge from the day first because of MySQL ORDER BY ASC or DESC but still a beauty of catalog was missing all over themes.


how to use