WordCamp Lahore, Pakistan Application Approved for 2016


WordCamp Lahore, Pakistan Application Approved for 2016

We stay away from labeling WordCamps with the country name rather than the city, because we have found that doing so discourages local organizers from doing additional WordCamps in the country. We had some problems with this in the past, where because there was a “national” WordCamp, no other WordCamps ever happened in that country. When we changed the naming convention to be city-focused, that country developed stronger local communities and several WordCamps per year.

Its really a good sign that WordCamp is being started in 2016 and a lot more is expected after this. It will take time to clear the picture and there would be a lot of people who will be willing to take credit of this all. Undoubtedly, it is a great initiative by Muhammad Kashif to contact WordPress representatives and used the premises of Arfa Software Technology Park. It was not possible to get sponsors for WordPress meetups initially so Kashif felt better to use the space provided by Punjab Information Technology Board. I appreciate his resourcefulness and agility but what’s next? A few sponsors or a big identity will simply get all this reward when further meetups will require a proper space out of #ASTP. I am seeing the future of WordPress meetups in Pakistan like internet and mobile usage. We, as a trendy nation, have much potential to absorb such big changes. But there is something unclear in this all, that who exactly behind Kashif is? Because its not that easy to move on without quarrels and disputes in such ventures. People just got mad when something big is happening. Apart from, this is a big news for Lahore, Pakistan. Other technologies related meetups are just get started and hopefully Lahore, Pakistan will become the reason of Drupal Camp, Joomla Camp, PHP Seminars, Zend Days, Linux Evenings, and much more. I am writing this post just to save archives because when big things happen so most of the times important contributors just get neglected. At the same time i hope that its really health for Pakistan where many other events are just not being arranged so such technology related meetups and camps will start and life will be back in the nation. I love to see Freelancing Mentor as a WordCamp host like he did magic in last meetup.

Source: WordCamp Lahore, Pakistan Application Approved for 2016


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