Early rise for an I.T. Professional!


Early rise for an I.T. Professional!

Me should use the word Freelancer instead of an I.T. professional because the developers and programmers who are doing jobs, are already programmed by their alarm clocks. And they are really well programmed, even their alarm settings never changed although they changed their companies. When they switch from one company to another so still the other company don’t ask them to take OFF on Friday instead of Saturday πŸ™‚ Sometimes, they become the reason of Saturday OFF in a new company where Saturday was ON. So this post is not about the programmed people. Its about free birds that what exactly they feel when they wake up early by chance.
Ah, unfortunately, they seldom wake up early and when they wake up so they immediately check their Facebook etc. Facebook is such a nice platform where you don’t get any threatening things. You get just likes and share or maximum a few comments, taunting or appreciating but nothing more. Skype is like a BOSS in fact, you can not avoid from Skype in fact. You have your clients there and they can ping you anytime. If you are working with a friend or co-developer then you might will see a few missed calls. The reason is only ONE, you didn’t checked your inbox and replied to the emails while you were sleeping. OMG! Inbox is having 10 to 12 emails this morning… now start checking one by one and see the most difficult question at the end to solve in this mathematics examination. Ah, clients are shouting, WordPress new version is coming and my plugins are not yet updated. A few pings from Fiverr and time-log stuff from Upwork. A lot of sucking things stuff, once you clear all this OR you just didn’t get this all today. Then you might will think about starting work early today, but why? Do you really want to work hard? Not exactly! Because you have worked hard all the nights in last week πŸ™‚ A lot of things are there which will ask you to get more sleep. If you are having the same feeling then realize that its END of your SOLO journey. Now you need a partner or partners. If you are shaking your mind that, your attitude i demanding a BOSS again so its wrong. You don’t need any BOSS but a partner who just keep recalling you the stuff remaining undone. You have achieved a lot of things for yourself already, now let the world join you in this success. A lot of people need your help, you have enough projects and running ideas to live a luxury life but you are required to change life of so many. That’s a lot of big companies just get started. You are not being pushed towards starting a company, but to help others. Lets check your Facebook and see which friend slept just an hour ago when you woke up? You will find 1 or two. Call them immediately and go for a good breakfast. People don’t sleep till morning and when they see the SUN so they feel that now SUN will handle remaining stuff and they get some rest, are the people who are responsible but need some partner. Give them a good feel and join them as a partner. Pick them from their home and start a venture. You will find such people more effective in that venture because they have passion to do something really big. Look at their determination, when people were sleeping so they were just thinking that what difference they can make!!!
You might will be thinking that i am talking seriously about this, not exactly. In fact, you have to pick those lazy friends to be aligned with you but from the same perspective that they can be really useful. Its another fact that their mind might will start after taking caffeine or will work in evening. But keep trying, one day, you will get them in form and they will be thankful to you. Pick those who don’t need to follow a routine but they should. Don’t choose them who need you or need this routine, because their need will force them to do this all and once need is fulfilled so they might will snooze you forever.
Ah, i got an upwork notification just now.


These notifications are just mind sucking. You never know that how such automatic emails are being your BOSS. We joined upwork and other freelancing platforms to say GOOD BYE to job. But you have no idea that you are going to join a number of BOSSES at the same time. Your productivity will be boosted by 10x and you will be checking all these profiles several times a day. Unfortunately, you can not be FREE anytime but you can have a backup of you. The same ambitious and concerning person can be found and chosen as your partner. So both of you can manage work together in different time zones. Its an amazing arrangement if get the secrete behind a successful business. Either control the people well or just find a GOOD partner. A good partner will not let your mind rusted, he will keep you SMART and STUNNING. And by controlling the people, you might will be correcting the people and then will hire a number of people correcting the hierarchy downwards. It will become a company like nestle, Unilever, Lever-brother or the bigger one 502 International but still you couldn’t utilize yourself at that level. So get up early and find that who slept recently and can be a good backup of you. Backup is a really good word in fact, backup doesn’t mean a working guy on your behalf. Backup is just like a life jacket and you are life jacket for him. Backup has really negative meaning in some corporations. Where backup means alternative and when they have some cheaper alternative so you can be fired anytime without any reason. I don’t want to mention here the names but there are a lot of companies which are exploiting the talent around the world. Anyways, its best to move on as a FREE bird but still you need a companion to share the things with.


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