Should i go for GO? Another programming language?


Recently we start hearing about GO language by Google. Another coding sensation. As a programmer or a fast learner, everybody think about it he should go for it. Honestly speaking that its in my to do list and i have tried a little in last months but couldn’t find it as easy as

because everything requires time and serious attitude towards it. We can start many things at a time but can’t manage and finish them as they should be. Its been 2 years or more that i have purchased a website to showcase my services and products. But it is merely representing as it was expected. I turned it into a blog and posted few topics on which i could say from technical or critic perspective. In very next year i got another domain and tried the same thing but couldn’t. Last night i realized that its really hard to work for myself. I have coded a lot for others and solved many problems but when its my turn to be a client for myself so i am unable to do as expected. In am in process of realizing that either i was running after something else and misperceived it? I am expecting good but still feeling that my other domain will become another blog of me? No, not at all because “coders are addicted to code not to blog” πŸ™‚
Its purely my own quote. So about GO i feel that as an experienced programmer its although not difficult to learn another language but its not necessary at all. Languages are just a way to communicate with machines either efficiently or inefficiently, doesn’t matter that what method or language are you choosing? PHP is a fact and WordPress is another fact to be realized. So keep your thoughts going on with WordPress and as a programmer, let your brain enjoy conditions and loops with any programming language you know and you are good in it. Its good that you are a fast learner but changing your track everyday will not let you move speedily in one way. So i am not going for GO for now, may be some kind of bridging platform or utility will let all of the programmers to get combined for better solutions.

Have a nice day,


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