WordPress Mechanic Around The World


WordPress Mechanic Around The World

WordPress Mechanic is really interesting service related title and keyword tagline. Its a long story that how and when i realized that me should choose this title for my profiles but yes i chose this title with a feel of responsibility. It was not about getting attention and outsourcing the projects. It was about problem solving and ultimate post order delivery support. I was never interested to get .com or .net even when these were available. WordPress.Org is still available but i am not in fact interested in getting that web address. I think that by choosing such committed domain name, you are more than promised that you are the best service provider and problem solving is your top priority job than anything else. Even you will ask for payment later but will suggest the solution first, this is how a mechanic work. Whenever we get a domain name so we plan a lot of things on basis of that domain name. I think, domain name is nothing like phone numbers are now a days. People just Google you or save your numbers in phones. Domain name can be any thing but if you are not committed to your work so you will simply not achieve the target for which you purchased that domain name. Today i thought to gather all WordPress Mechanic existence around w3 and found 3 or 4 items which are randomly in use of other guys, rest of the IDs belong to me. WordPress Mechanic is not such a think which should be called as a company, its just a promise or an attitude towards problem solving. I would like to share a tip with you all that regardless of title you are using, if you are a problem solver then don’t ask for the payment till you are not sure that you can fix it or not? And if you feel that your client is in problem, like his website is down, hacked or need first aid, so fix that first instead of making some handsome deal. Why? Because, sometimes we think that we can fix and this time a client can pay $100 for the task of $10 so me should convince him for this life saving cost. But you never know that the problem you are going to fix might will open a few or many doors towards a world of problems and you have promised to fix that already. So you can’t escape, i agree that you could be really smart and might will escape but what repute will you earn? And what ranking will you get on your profile? So whenever you are going to choose such big promise as a slogan or tagline so try your best to prove it.

Here are a few URLs related to WordPress Mechanic:

  1. WordPress Blog
  2. Facebook Page
  3. Stackoverflow Profile
  4. LinkedIn Company
  5. LinkedIn User
  6. Up Work Agency
  7. Business Blue Bird
  8. Fiverr Rising Star
  9. .NET Domain
  10. On sangkrit.net
  11. Twitter Profile
  12. WordPress Profile
  13. WordPress Plugin
  14. Github Profile
  15. Skype ID
  16. .COM Domain

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