Innovations are welcome?

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Its an interesting question that innovations are really welcome and do we accept them around us? Yes, if its FREE and innovator will not earn from it. No, if anybody can earn from it but you are going to offer it for FREE or on cheap rates. I will not give examples here but will write generally. Innovations bring ease to our lives and sometimes proven as lifesaving. How bad is this, an innovator come up with some unique idea and good intentions to serve the humanity but later some greedy group tightens the deliverables to earn more from even from small chunks of that product. Idea is a gift from nature and it comes to the mind of those who think and care for others. And the group of greedy people always aware and scared from such ideas and the possible success rate so they simply interrupt in a unique way too. We are living in such an era where innovations are still in progress but smart people don’t announce and make it public. Innovations are still welcome internationally but unfortunately investors think about profit first.


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